waste water treatment

Anaerobic Upflow Sludge Blanket, Anaerobic Contact Process, Anaerobic Filter, Anaerobic Lagoon, Activated Sludge, Submerged Aerated Filter, Trickling Filter, Aerated/Facultative Lagoon, Activated Carbon Filter, Chemical Treatment, Clariflocculation, Sand Filter, Multi-Media Filter, Heavy Metal Removal, Oil & Grease Treatment, pH Neutralization, Sewerage/Sludge Treatment, Waste Water Recycle.

water treatment

Chemical Treatment, Clariflocculation, Sand Filtration, Multimedia Filtration, Activated Carbon Adsorption, Disinfection.


Agitators, Clariflocculator Mechanism, Dosing/Metering Pump, Fixed Screens, Rotary Screens, Mechanical Screens, Flocculator Mechanism, Lime Slaker, Floating Aerator, Fixed Aerator, Brush Aerator, O&G Skimmer, Sludge Thickener Mechanism, Plate/Tube Settler, Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB), Package Plants-Anaerobic/Aerobic Filters, Trickling Filters, Submerged Aerated Filter.

other engineering

Solid Waste Management, Sewage/Waste Water Collection & Farming.

environment studies

Consultancy, Feasibility, Performance, Pilot.

waste water collection systems

Small Bore Sewers and Simplified Sewers for villages and isolated communities.